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What To Wear with Strappy Heels


Have you ever confused of what to wear with strappy heels? Well, that maybe because you haven’t seen enough choices of fabulous and stylish outfit with the popular strappy heels. This gorgeous footwear is also known as lace up sandals and has become very popular especially during the summer. In fact, it is said to be a must-have fashion item during summer. This statement is not overreacting because the sandal truly is very fashionable. It isn’t just typical footwear but also accessories for your feet because this sandal enough can make your boring style into a fabulous fashion style you want to show around. Aside from being edgy and cool, it also is feminine footwear that can be easily fitted to any outfits you choose. Now, let’s find out various cool ways to wear these strappy heels.

Simple Outfit with Strappy Heels

Let’s start with the simple outfit choices. Yes, you can always keep it simple but you can still look gorgeous and sexy. For instance, grab a comfy dress from your wardrobe and wear your black strappy heels. Do not forget the cute hat for perfect summer style. Or, you can simply wear your skinny ripped jeans and a loose V-neck T-shirt to go with your most favorite strappy heels. It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Let’s try another style. What about pairing the jeans with light sweater for autumn? Or, you can also opt for blouse if you think of going to office with your favorite lace up heels.

What To Wear with Strappy Heels

Sexy Outfit with Strappy Heels

You can definitely appear sexy with your strappy heels and a few different choices of tops. For instance, use your off-the-shoulder top, cropped or ripped jeans and strappy heels. This creates gorgeous combination that definitely looks stylish and sexy. What about a midi skirt? Yes, it sounds just like the perfect idea especially if you add crop top and sexy strappy heels. It makes you looking feminine and fashionable. Meanwhile, if you want to look sexy and still feel comfy for wearing the outfit for hours, wear a jumpsuit. Yes, it is the right top to choose and to pair with your lace up heels. Do not forget to wear some accessories like necklace and bracelet.

Elegant Outfit with Strappy Heels

Have you ever thought of going to dinner or party wearing strappy heels? Well, you have just the right thing to do. This time, choose plain black dress and a cool vest before you wear your strappy heels. Or, get your favorite pattern midi dress to be paired with black lace up heels. Basically, you can choose the desired height of the heels. If you want to be more comfortable, choose heels with less than 3 inches tall. But if you want to make a strike with your appearance, choose higher heels.

Does it sound great to fit the heels into boho-vibed fashion style? Yes, it certainly does. For this kind of outfit style, get crop top, high-waisted shorts and the heels. Add a choker for accessory also makes a great idea. With various choices of fashion style on what to wear with strappy heels, it should be easy to appear chic and fabulous.

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