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What Shoes to Wear with A Body Con Dress


Do you have the right answers for what shoes to wear with a body con dress? Well, you are about to find the right answer here. A body con dress refers to figure hugging one piece outfit clinging to the body. Its length covers the bust to lower hem. Usually, the designers of manufacturers use a blend of different fabric to make this dress. For instance, it mixes lycra and polyester which will give the right and desired elasticity to hug your figure smoothly. Of course, it is the dress that makes you confident wearing it since it beautifully hugs every curve your body has. If you consider your body curvy, the dress even makes the best choice.

Body Con Dress and Sandals

Basically, the body con dress is among the most flexible outfits you can have. This is the very reason it can easily be worn with any kinds of footwear. The most casual footwear is sandal. Yes, you heard it right. Wear your favorite sandals or flats with your favorite body con dress. This outfit blend is a stylish casual office for any casual events or plans you have in your schedule. For instance, wear it when you plan to go to cinemas and your favorite bar. The great thing about this style is its comfort allowing you to feel great for wearing it the whole day. What you should do next is to choose the right color for the best blend. Create the best color contrast you can have.

Body Con Dress and Stiletto Heels

What Shoes to Wear with A Body Con Dress

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If you feel like going with outfit style that looks modern, elegant and casual at the same time, the stiletto heels will make the best footwear to match the body con dress. Both of these fashion items are classic options. Let’s start with the heels first. It appears as long, thin high heels which is at least 2 inches tall. It is often known as spiked heels. It becomes ideal footwear for women who want to look taller with long and slimmer legs. And, it also affects women’ posture in a positive way while accentuating their calf muscles. It is among the most glamorous and opulent choices. So, when you decide to wear it with your body con dress, you are ready to go to your party, dinner plan or other formal events you are invited to. Choose for the color and pattern you like the most.

Body Con Dress and Thigh High Boots

Here comes another excellent choice of footwear to go with body con dress, the thigh high boots. If you do not have the boots in your collection, you may be clueless of how fabulous the booths can be when paired with the dress. But there is one thing you should remember. Avoid too long bodycon dress when you want to pair it with these boots otherwise you will look dorky. So, choose shorter dress for best appearance. Now that you have figured out several best choices on what shoes to wear with a body con dress, appear sophisticated and gorgeous should not be a hard thing to do.

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