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Top 5 Online Dating Sites to Find Stunning Girls


Online dating has really caught up with our society. Today, online dating sites are a host to millions of people looking love. The dating sites mainly play a role of linking two prospective lovers and the rest is up to them. With people’s busy schedules, it only makes sense that more people are looking for a chance at love from online dating sites. However, not all dating sites will give you what you are looking for. Based on various surveys, there are online dating sites that are more trusted. A site that delivers results for those looking for partners is more preferable. Here is a list of the top five online dating sites and how they operate.

Match.com is definitely one of the best dating sites. The site prides itself of 17 million monthly visitors. This is a huge number of people looking for love, which virtually increases the chances of meeting someone. What makes Match one of the best is the fact that it is a premium service. Once you join and fill in your details, you can start scrolling and sending winks to people you like, but in order to have a real conversation, you have to upgrade to premium. This is a good feature for those looking for serious love since it helps in filtering out those who are not serious.

This is arguably the number 1 dating site. The reason being it is accessible to all free of charge. On the downside, you may get an outrageous number of matches. The site is receiving more new members and is available to everyone globally. The site has been voted number one by various online surveys on the best dating sites. However, their security features are still wanting, considering a large number of non-serious clients they may be hosting.

Tinder is an iOS and Android app. It works by linking you with people you may like based on your social media interactions. This app will show you a list of peoples images. You can click on an image if it interests you and like it. You can book for plenty of dates with tinder. You will have to log in using your Facebook to be matched.

Plenty Of Fish
Plenty of fish is a site that provides match criteria to help singles meet interested parties quickly. The more details you provide, the more you narrow down your options to a specific group of individuals. Plenty of Fish makes it easy for users to meet by matching them with individuals who share their interests.

Meet up is a site that brings people who share the same interest together for either an event or just to meet up. It is not actually an online dating site but most people have voted for the site as one that helped them meet new people who share interests. Actually, this may be the best site for those who want to meet people naturally then develop into a relationship.

All the above sites are popular online dating sites, where singles meet every day to find love. All the sites may not work for you but you can choose one that best works for you. While some people remain critical of online dating, people are meeting love on a daily basis from online dating sites.


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