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Ripped Skinny Jeans for Women Fashion Styles


The fact that ripped skinny jeans for women have become stylish fashion style is something that everyone agrees on. Jeans are the most favorite casual outfits that can be worn anytime and anywhere. In fact, a person should have at least 5 different jeans at one time. So, it is something normal knowing how your wardrobe is filled with fashion jeans. Also known as destroyed jeans, the torn or ripped jeans, it undoubtedly becomes strong fashion statement. At the same time, it also appears pretty sexy and wild wearing this kind of jeans.

This stylish jeans has certainly made the right choice for any women to look cool and chic. Usually, the jeans have shredded parts from the thighs to the knees and below. Some jeans comes with tiny shred while others have bigger shreds like a total mess that somehow looks fashionable. Wearing this kind of jeans also allows you to look rough. And, it is considered easy to match including with casual T-shirt.

Knee Skinny Ripped Jeans

In general, there are various styles of skinny ripped jeans available for women. These many choices confirm the flexibility that women can have in terms of trying to appear stylish and fabulous. Among the most popular styles is the knee ripped jeans. It does come with less torn part but still looking rough. It can be easily matched with any tops including plant T-shirt to lace crop top. Even though the jeans look rough but it doesn’t mean you cannot look elegant and feminine. What you to wear on the top is classic turtleneck crop top. As for the footwear, so many choices are available from simple flip flop to heels. Just make sure to choose the right color for gorgeous outfit style.

Ripped Skinny Jeans for Women

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Rolled Up Skinny Ripped Jeans

So, here comes another popular choice of skinny ripped jeans. This time, the jeans offer fabulous fashion style that can be easily fitted to any tops. When the jeans are rolled up or wrapped up, it will definitely look unique and stylish. The details add great impact to overall look. The holes or shreds can be in any parts of the pants from the thighs, knees to the lower parts of the pants. Some jeans come with naturally stressed holes to show off the fabric threads. It is a cool choice of jeans to wear. Thanks to the rolled up part that the jeans appear more dashing. It can be rolled up a bit or even higher. If you think of wearing it during the summer, you have definitely made the right decision.

So, which color should you choose? Well, the jeans pants may not have as varying colors as fabric pants but it doesn’t mean that you have much fewer choices. The great thing about jeans is that any color can be easily matched any various tops’ color, styles and pattern. For instance, the dark blue ripped skinny jeans for women appear stylish with any color of the top from white to blue. If you think of looking feminine, consider lace top or turtleneck top.

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