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Pencil Dress for All Season and Wears


What a fortune for all the women where they can get a dress which looks good will all body types, heights, and curves. Yes, it’s a pencil dress. Pencil dress is a slim-fitting dress with a straight and narrow cut. In all seasons or occasions, from office settings, party codes, or only hang out with friends rocking out the street, pencil dress is never out of style.

Pencil Dress for Office Settings

Since become the iconic fashion style in 1940s, pencil dress becomes recognizable in fashion industry for its long and clean lines that show a slight narrowing at the waist. The clean and sleek looks of pencil dress make it a perfect comfort for office wardrobe. Moreover, you will look more fashionable in the office in all season and business occasion.

The rule of pencil dress for office settings include the colors and skirt length. For more conservative office cultures, you should wear pencil dress with traditional colors such as black, deep blue, or gray. The length of the skirt shouldn’t be too short, above or in the middle of knee. But, if you have more relaxed office cultures, you can look for vibe, floral or patterns pencil dress, even shorter skirt length.

Pencil Dress for Party Dress Codes

Pencil Dress for Party

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Pencil dress is nominated as top 10 dresses for party settings. Of course, there is no limit for pencil dress to be used in party occasion. Whether you want a revealing or more covering pencil dress is depending on every women fashion taste. While looking amazing in all body types, pencil dress also easy to style. Only with a pair of heels and a clutch, you have been ready rocking out the party.

For sample pencil dress for party, you can try out round neck pencil dress with long sleeves. Pair the dress with black heels also gives more colors with blue clutch and bracelet. You will look stunning while revealing your body curves.

Recently what come to the trend is pencil skirt with crop top which revealing the hip. There are various options, from fitted or loosen top, sleeves or long sleeves, until different or same fabrics as the skirt. You can look sexier and glamorous with this trendy outfit at the party.

Pencil Dress for Casual Occasion

Not only limited for formal occasion, but pencil dress also can be used for casual settings such as gathering or dating. For this casual times, you might want to choose pencil dress with more loosen fit so you can feel get more space for breathing. Women also tend to choose brighter hues, floral or patterned pencil dress rather than plain. Somehow, it can help to make the mood better.

Instead of one piece dress, you can choose a pencil skirt with shirt or denim for the top. This combination will be more comfortable for you to spend more times with your friends and lover. You can also throw away the heels and replace it with sneakers or boots.

Well, pencil dress isn’t recommended for the occasion when you need lot of physical activity such as travelling, clubbing, or others. Since your movement is limited if you wear pencil dress. You might want to look superhot at the right occasion, right? So, choose your pencil dress wisely for the right occasion.

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