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How To Wear a Velvet Dress


Do you have the right answers for how to wear a velvet dress? Hopefully, the fashion inspirations shared here will be useful for you. Velvet dress is basically one of the most exclusive pieces of garment that women can have. It is easy for this dress to become famous fashion style especially during the spring and winter. None can resist it especially because it simply is said to be royalty and nobility dress. It can easily boast dangerous streak and create connection to nighttime seduction and glam rock.

Velvet garment can represent many personalities, indeed. A woman who desires to look sexy decides to wear velvet and so does a woman who wants to look simply casual. In other words, it doesn’t matter what kind of personalities you have, there is always a style for you involving the velvet dress. So, let yourself be inspired with these celebrity-styles velvet dress.

Mini Velvet Dress

Do you know Kylie Jenner? Yes, the youngest of Kardashian has dazzled a lot of people with her sexy blue velvet dress. When she appeared with this mini dress, she instantly took all the attentions. She did not need to wear too many accessories because the dress itself is an accessory. The dress has undoubtedly become the perfect dress for evening out and you can certainly copy this style. It is not just a simple dress. But, it is a periwinkle blue velvet blazer which serves as dress. None can agree more than this dress style is brilliant. For accessories, she wore metallic strappy sandals and sapphire clutch, what  a great combination.

How To Wear a Velvet Dress

Almost similar to Kylie, Rihanna was once spotted with gorgeous mini velvet dress. It even becomes the “it” item known as the slip dress. That time, she chose red velvet dress which was an excellent choice indeed. Then, she added strappy metallic sandals and round sunglasses. The dress definitely shows every curve she has on her body which makes her look sexy but not too much.

Midi and Long Velvet Dress

Are you thinking of wearing velvet dress for formal evening out? Then, the long or midi velvet dress is the right option to choose. Like the name suggests, long dress means the dress covers up to your ankle. Meanwhile, the details of the dress including the upper part can be varying depending on woman’s personal style. For instance, the V-neck long velvet dress and strapless velvet dress. Consider your body figure to find the right dress style.

This dress style is often the best style to wear in the spring or winter. You can find inspiration from Jessica Chastain who was once appeared on red carpet wearing midi forest green velvet dress. Her dress has the gorgeous sheer accents, flouncy hemline and also flowy sleeves. All these details make the dress looking exceptional. Then, she paired it with classic black heels. But if you think of wearing strappy heels, you can wear it as well. The better footwear you choose, the more gorgeous you appear with your velvet dress. So, hopefully those celebrity-like fashion styles answer your curiosity on how to wear a velvet dress.

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