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How to Make High Heels More Comfortable


How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Do you need some tips on how to make high heels more comfortable?  High heel isn’t naturally comfortable yet it has the outstanding look no other shoes can offer. The temptation to wear high heels is too strong to resist. It makes your calves look slender as well as boosting your confidence in each step. None of these charms will work if your feet are in extreme pain instead though. The following tips should be helpful.

  1. Stretch Them

The most common problem with high heels is how the pair wraps too tight around both feet. There are several ways to make the material looser. First, you can try the frozen water technique. Half filled zip lock bag should be slipped to both heels and put the pair inside the freezer for a night. The next morning, you will see the ice does the stretching job for you. Another way to loosen the heels is by giving heat. Wear socks before you put your feet into the heels. Turn on your hair dryer and aim to the tight spots. Within minutes, you will feel the difference.

  1. Slip In a Comforter

Another case that might happen is having too loose heels. Don’t think that more space means elevated comfort. It could hurt your feet as they keep slipping and forcefully rubbing certain area. When this happens, you have two options: taping moleskin or inserting gel pad. Moleskin is commonly used on toes and the sides of your feet. It is suggested to protect the areas that more likely to get blisters. Gel pad is also a solution. No need to worry about the visibility; it has clear gel. People usually slip the invisible gel next to the feet ball. It will provide comfortable bump for your feet.

  1. Adjust the Heels

Probably your heels problem is caused by mismatched feet and high heels size, for example, wearing excessive heels’ height with straps. Cutting one inch of the heels will reduce the pain. If you cut more than an inch, then the difference will be seen. Any shoe repair would be glad to help you with the cutting. Strap is both savior and problem. It helps to tighten the heel’s grip, decreasing the possibility to slip. However, it may also cause unnecessary scratch or blister. Skip this issue by choosing the buckle strap, so it could give more spaces for your feet to slip in.

  1. Switch to Lower Heels

Because of your schedule, you might end up wearing different types of heels in a day. You know how taking off the heels gives short pain for seconds. Now take a look at your pairs of shoes for the day. If you plan to wear stiletto then immediately switch to sneakers, your feet will experience excruciating pain. Instead of this option, choose shorter heels instead. It will help your feet to slowly adapt into the shape. Especially for you who belong to plus size, consider to purchase wedges instead of stiletto. Wedges will distribute your weight evenly, thus reducing the pressure to your toes.

  1. Change the Way You Walk

Believe it or not, you will walk differently in heels. Some women, however, still do basic mistakes while walking in heels. They put the toes first, then the heels later. This method only applies for sneakers. If you do this, then you will be slipped easily. Swing your heels first, and then your toes follow to the ground. Your feet grip will be tighter.

To look pretty, first of all you need to love what you wear. While wearing your favorite heels, make sure it doesn’t kill you. If you hate the idea to give up the high heels, then you have no choice but to follow the above suggestions. Those useful tips on how to make high heels more comfortable will make you more comfortable while staying fabulous.

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