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How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress


So you need a guide on how to accessorize a little black dress? This dress shouldn’t be hard to accessorize. However, there are many things to decide as well. Learn from the tips below to get the ultimate look with appropriate accessories for the little black dress.

  1. The Jewelries

The first thing you need to consider is the jewelries. There are earrings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets that you must choose. As for the earrings, there are 2 choices; you want it big or you want it small. The big ones give glamorous look while the small ones give elegant look. Then, for the necklace, you can choose the one with chunky dark stones or the shiny ones. Next, for the watch, pick the one with accent; you may choose a watch with wide strap like men’s or your usual women watch. Lastly, the bracelet can be big, bold, and various. As for the bracelet, you can pick whatever you see fit and add it on your wrist.

  1. The Bags

After you choose and decide what jewelries that you are going to wear, you must decide what bag you will wear. There are three kinds of bag that you can choose; cross-body bag, handbag, and clutch. If you are looking for style, a cross-body bag would be perfect for you. Also, It is small shape makes it easy to be brought anywhere without weighing too much. But if you want to bring your make up tools along with you, it would be better to use a handbag. Lastly, if you only need to bring money and cell phone then just put them in a clutch. It is small, no sling, and it is practical to use.

  1. The Shoes 

Then, you need to choose your shoes. There are some shoes that you can choose; high heels, flat shoes, boots, and sneakers. If you are wearing high heels while bringing a clutch, your appearance would be sexier and more glamorous. Then by wearing flat shoes, you will gain casual look. Wearing flat shoes and cross-body bag would enhance the casual look in your appearance. Wearing boots will enhance your style; especially if you are wearing the high ones. Finally, wearing sneakers along with little black dress would give you a sporty look yet it is casual and elegant. Sneakers would be the best shoes for you who look combination in styles.

  1. Outwears

Next, let’s choose your outwear. You can choose whether you want to wear a jacket, a sweater, a cardigan, or a coat. Actually, these outwears would look good on you as long as the color matches and the combination among the other accessories match as well. Also, you should wear these outwears only if the weather asks you to.

  1. Finishing

Finally after you have chosen the other accessories, you need to choose one last accessory; the finishing accessory. For the finishing, you should choose among a shawl, a pashmina, and a scarf. Make sure the one you choose matches the other accessories. For casual and sexy look, a scarf would be great. For elegant and glamorous look, the shawl would be perfect. As for stylish look, the pashmina would be great. Make sure that you are not combining them or your look would be ridiculous.

While accessorizing, you need to keep it nice. Don’t go too much and add too many things. The idea of combining all items is brilliant, but make sure every part is not too heavy. The key on how to accessorize a little black dress with those options above is by deciding on a particular look first. Happy mix-matching!

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