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Reasons why men crazy and love for big beautiful plus-size women

How to Date a Plus Size Girl | Benefits of Dating a Thick Girl


Are you sure you know how to date plus size girl? A lot of men thought they knew and did something that ruin the relationship at some point. To understand this, you need to know what it means to date a plus-sized woman. All women want to feel feminine and attractive, and a plus-sized woman is no different. The biggest mistake a man can do while dating a plus-sized woman is thinking that his date is different and not in a positive way.

Dating a plus-sized woman means that you will encounter some sensitive subjects and situations that might make her feel uncomfortable and you might not know what to do when that situation occurs. That’s why we’re going to share you our tips on how to date plus size girl and you might understand the benefits of dating a thick girl.

Be Considerate When It Comes to Activities Together
A big woman needs a big space, when you’re planning dates, don’t make reservations at a restaurant which has small chairs or not enough room to move around. Another place that needs some planning is somewhere like an amusement park where she’ll have to squeeze her body into tight rides. When your date is self-conscious during the date, she won’t enjoy the date and might be more insecure than before.

Try to take her to places where people of all shapes and sizes can enjoy, such as: mall, outdoor events, etc. Don’t plan activities that might be too difficult for her such as hiking, unless she agrees to it and is part of diet plan or something like that. Also remember when going to a restaurant, don’t encourage her to eat unhealthy food.

How to Communicate
Never ever tease her for her weight and body size, even as a joke. Focus on her personality, interests, hobbies and dreams. There are a lot of things you can talk about with her and you can use this chance to get to know her better and make her more comfortable with you.

Again, avoid sensitive subjects, such as asking if she belongs to a gym or plans to join one or how much she eats in a day. Even comments like “are you sure you want to that much?” can bring the mood down. Keep the conversation light and always tell her how beautiful she is. If you want to know how to date plus size girl, you must remember this, otherwise you won’t be able to date at all.

Friends and Family
Going forward, things can be really tough. When you introduce your date, who is s plus-sized girl, there will be some people who make a comment about that. You need to make your date comfortable in front of everyone. Don’t even try to hide her from them, and only introduce her when she is ready to be introduced.

During activities together with everyone, make sure that people are focusing on her personality, interests and something like that and not her body size. You can help her by praising her to make her feel more included and always try to include her in conversations and activities. You can try praising her in front of others as often as you can.

Be Intimate
Last but not least, treat her like a woman that you love whenever you are. Hold her hands, kiss her, flirt with her and always make sure she knows that you love her from the bottom of your heart. Show her that you’re attracted to her no matter what and that she can feel safe with you. This concludes our tips on how to date plus size girl and we hope you’re happy with your date.

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