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Reasons why men crazy and love for big beautiful plus-size women

Reasons Why Men Crazy/Love for Big, Beautiful Plus-Size Women


There are plenty of reasons why men crazy/love for big women. You might be surprised at some of the reasons we know. Especially in this day and age with social media being used by everyone, people are more open about their fantasies and desires. More people are more open about their body sizes and shapes and open a new perspective in the dating world.

Let’s get right into it, here are some reasons why men crazy/love for big women.

Plus-Size Women Are Confident and Comfortable with Who They Are
Many beautiful plus-size women are now getting more and more confident with their body, claiming that they’re thick and thus more desirable. Plus, there are now more plus-size models than ever before. This makes some men crazy about them.

Not only that, confident plus-size women are like pioneers and leaders of other less confident plus-size women. There are still a large number of plus-size women who are going through a difficult time at accepting their body and handling a lot of abuse mentally and physically because of their body size. And this is why confident plus-size women stand out even more. When stroll through the crowd with their bigger than average body size, men can’t help but noticing them and thinking they they’re beautiful and sexy.

Men Love Curves
Plus-size women have more noticeable curves compared to women with average body size. Men can’t get enough how curves and curves are just that hot. It’s not like thin women don’t have curve, but plus-size women’s curves are more noticeable and apparent especially with the right clothing.

Liking curves is already being studied by many scholars in the USA. The studies revealed that men have a weak spot towards the curve of a woman’s body, the excitement is much faster the brain level. The brain activity is so strong that it is similar to the feeling of pleasure when they see a curvy body.

Big Butt and Breasts
I have to be blunt here, men love big butts and breasts. And who else a better shaped butt and breasts than plus-size women? Smaller woman can have nice fannies sure, but they can’t compete with plus-size women.

We know that not all men are the same when it comes to sizes. But some men prefer large bust and butt women and plus-size women often have more voluptuous body. Especially when it comes to confident women who know how to move, enjoy and please. This one of main reasons why men crazy/love for big women.

Reproductive Instinct
From the evolutionary point of view, men have always preferred women with wide hips, regardless of their weight. Having a curvaceous body always attract men since the beginning of human civilization. And this has been proven by science that women with plus-size women have more calories to burn and thanks to the fat they have more estrogen and longer period of fertility.

Women with larger or more voluptuous bodies are not only more preferred for reproduction but the extra width in areas such as thighs and buttocks would contain omega 3, which is an acid that helps the mother during her period of gestation and also having smarter babies, as proven by a study done from University of Santa Barbara.

Now you know why plus-size women are desired by men all over the world. if you’re one of those women, there is no need to be ashamed or afraid of your own body size. Knowing the reasons why men crazy/love for big women, we hope that you can be more confident.

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