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Body-Con Dress Rules


With bodycon or body-conscious dress, you can’t hide your curves. This very tight fitting style of clothing is particularly very suitable for women who confident with her body curves. It also doesn’t limit women with big lumps to wear them. All women can use it confidently, but after following these rules. Check it out.

Wear Your Size

Well simply says, if you buy too big bodycon dress for your body curves, it means the dress will be no longer body-con dress, isn’t it? It will look like a house dress instead. Bodycon dress can be called as body conscious is because it emphasizes the contours of your body. The most fitted size is when you feel comfortable wearing it while still showing your flawless curves. You also can’t buy a too small bodycon dress. It certainly will flaunt your curves, but you will end up unconscious for unable breathing properly. So, the first rule is wearing your own size.

No Panty Lines, Please!

Body con dress under 20

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When you wear bodycon dress, you must want to look flawless, smooth, and seamless, won’t you? So, you should avoid the common mistake, visible panty lines (VPLs). Although it’s simple, but some women are sometimes forget about this VPLs mistake by using traditional panties which showing lines.

As much as possible, you should minimize the lumps and bumps which appear due to panty lines. Now, there are seamless panties or panty shapers which showing no lines when you use it under your tight dress. So, women will be more confident to show their flawless body confidently.

Play with the Colors

Dress colors can influence your body looks. Since bodycon dress is quite revealing, so if you a bit shy about your curves, you can wear darker colors especially black. It’s because black dress can hide some revealed lumps while make you look elegant. Other best color for bodycon dress includes navy, gray, brown, wine, or dark purple. Brighter colors such as white or yellow is only working for women who are very confident with their curves because these colors will accentuate everything. So, look at yourself. Which dress colors will be the most confident to wear.

Happy Pairing

The happiest time wearing bodycon dress is pairing it with other accessories. Since the dress is very simple and stylish, you can pair them with everything with no limit literally. Yet the most important is to ensure that the final result will be balanced. Almost all women will pair the dress with heels, but you can also go for more conservative with flats. You can cover your top with blazer or scarf. You can also add a bit of coverage with jewelry such as necklace or bracelet.

Be Confident

Last but not the least is being confident. They said confident is the best fashion accessory for women. Since this tight dress is figure hugging which showing so much curves, you should confident wearing it. Whether you have a perfect hourglass curve or a bigger size one, this dress will match your size perfectly. So, don’t worry too much when you have following the other rules above.

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